Bike frames out of Bamboo composite

We believe that each cyclist is unique. That’s why our team at SOBEN is committed to creating custom bicycles that deliver a truly personalized ride.

By combining composite process with traditional craftsmanship, we can customize every element of a bike to suit the rider’s preferences – from frame geometry and bamboo fibers layup to individual finishes and details.

The SOBEN composite is the impregnation of in-house made bamboo fibers with GreenPoxy resin. It result in a sustainable, shock absorbing, aesthetic and light material perfect for sport articles.

Our philosophy is simple: we don’t just build bikes, we create DREAM (SOBEN in Khmer)!

I created my first bamboo fibers bike in 2016 and to ensure it was strong, I decided to travel 17 000km from France to Cambodia !

Going closer to the raw material was a priority, to better understand and acknowledge its potential. Since 2019, SOBEN is based in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and it sources its bamboo from Phnom Hanchey (200km away).

Early 2021, we finalized the SOBEN bamboo composite and then we developed Moutain bikes, E-mini bike and Gravel. Without forgetting our custom builds ! 

The SOBEN team put passion and creativity on each frame !

Tony Morvant

Handcrafter and founder, SOBEN